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As a specialized sports and entertainment agency, we help our clients develop a holistic brand that connects each phase of their lives to paint a cohesive, lasting image.

By focusing on five pillars of brand development - professional career, philanthropy, business interaction, resources/infrastructure, and public exposure - and tying each component together to reinforce an overarching message, TFA shapes clients’ desired brand image and develops a plan to monetize the opportunities through the vast network of corporate, media and personal relationships.

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Deloitte Spotlights Olympians to Inspire Students

Deloitte hosted Olympic figure-skating champion Evan Lysacek and Paralympic swimming champ Brad Snyder at New York University as part of the firm’s campus recruiting efforts, telling students inspiring stories about how they overcame obstacles to win gold medals in their sports.

February 7, 2015
By: Michael Cohn Accounting Today

Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame inducts eight new Class of 2014 members

The eight newest members of the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame found themselves at the center of attention Saturday afternoon before a packed audience inside the CYO/MIV Center gymnasium at Mount Loretto.

February 1, 2015
By Jim Waggoner SI Live

My Beautiful Reward and the 7 Lessons It Has Taught Me

January 21, 2008 is a day that seven years later is still difficult to put into words. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I was just 18 years old.

January 23, 2015
Mallory Weggemann - Huffington Post

Catching up with safety Steve Gregory

Steve Gregory knows a thing or two about a New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens playoff matchup, having started for New England in the AFC Championship Game following the 2012 regular season.

January 10, 2015
Mike Reiss

Rise Above The Things That Hold You Back

“We all have disabilities,” Paralympic Gold Medalist Mallory Weggemann said from her wheelchair. Her disability is evident. But she believes disabilities aren’t only physical. “It can be financial; it can be spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, familial, and the list goes on,” Mallory said.

January 7, 2015

Redefining Disability

Disability. It is an interesting word and one that many of us feel we cannot relate to. For nearly 19 years of my life, I was never classified as someone with a disability, until one day, in literally a split second everything I knew changed and I was now classified as an individual with a physical disability.

November 18, 2014
Mallory Weggemann - Huffington Post

According to Gordon: Enter the second generation of the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame

The Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by inducting eight more members into its elite club, the characteristically diverse Class of 2014.

November 17, 2014
By Cormac Gordon

Setbacks on the Road to Rio No Problem For Mallory Weggemann

Mallory Weggemann joins today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show to discuss going to Capitol Hill for discussions on the U.N. Disability Treaty, her Redefine Limitations campaign with FINIS, and recovering from a severe hand injury on her road to Rio.

Weggemann also discusses what advice she gives people who come to her for guidance in overcoming injuries, the purpose of redefining your limitations, and how “it can always be worse.”

November 12, 2014
Morning Swim Show - Swimming World Magazine

Ravens Honor “Hometown Hero” Brad Snyder

Brad Snyder, a retired Navy lieutenant, was picked as one of the “Hometown Heroes” that the Ravens honor before each game. The team selects someone involved with — or retired from — military service and recognizes them before the kickoff.

November 12, 2014
Jeff Seidel -

FINIS Launches "Redefine Limitations" Campaign Featuring Mallory Weggemann

FINIS, a leader in technical swimming equipment, has teamed up with The Factory Agency and Hans Rosenwinkel, highly acclaimed Director to launch an awe-inspiring “Redefine Limitations” campaign featuring 2012 Paralympic Champion, Mallory Weggemann. The digital and print campaign captures a small glimpse into Weggemann’s daily life, as she sets her sights on the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

November 9, 2014


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