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ESPN: Bryan Clay won't pursue spot

EUGENE, Ore. -- Olympic decathlon champion Bryan Clay says he won't pursue a spot on the Olympic team in London after faltering at the U.S. track trials. Clay stumbled in the 110-meter hurdles then struggled in the discus during last weekend's multi-event competition, finishing in 12th place. Track's national governing body allows for the top three finishers in each event at the trials to earn a spot on the U.S. team, provided they have the "A" standard required to compete in the Olympics. Because only two U.S. decathletes had the standard -- trials winner Ashton Eaton and runner-up Trey Hardee -- only two spots on the team were filled. That led to some speculation that Clay might go for the standard at some point before the July 8 deadline set by the International Olympic Committee, and appeal to USA Track and Field for a place on the team.

June 28, 2012
Associated Press

Li-Ning USA Focus: Christian Taylor, courtesy of Li-Ning USA

Quick question. Have you heard of Li-Ning? You may remember a Chinese gymnast, the first Chinese athlete to win Olympic medals way back in 1984. Li-Ning became a huge hero in China with his six gymnastic medals in the LA Olympics. Or, perhaps you remember that the same famous Chinese gymnast who flew around the famous Bird's Nest stadium during the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Or, perhaps, if you are a sneaker geek, you might know that Li-Ning is the largest Chinese owned sports footwear and apparel company in existence. "In fact, all are correct.. Li Ning is not just a former Olympic champion. He also owns the largest sports footwear and apparel brand in China. My job, is to make Americans aware of the next big brand from China-Li-Ning." noted Craig Heisner, VP of marketing for Digital Li-Ning USA.

June 28, 2012

NY Times: Clay Won’t Compete, but He’ll Be in London

Bryan Clay has been a fixture in the Olympic track and field community since 2004, so it was not surprising that almost as soon as Clay stumbled out of this year’s trials, a public movement began calling for United States Track and Field to find a way to get Clay to London anyway. The push for Clay – which came from friends, family and fans, many of whom expressed support online – was furthered by the circumstances of Clay’s failure to qualify. In addition to a confusing sequence in which he was disqualified from the 110 meter hurdles but then reinstated after an appeal, the U.S. technically only filled two of its three allocated decathlon spots in London because the third-place finisher in the trials, Gray Horn, did not reach the Olympic “A” standard in points needed to participate at the Games.

June 28, 2012
Sam Borden

LA Times: Decathlon's Bryan Clay trying to make history

EUGENE, Ore — The world's greatest athlete insists he's like the rest of us. "I'm just a regular guy," Bryan Clay said. "I still have to take out the trash, I'm still changing air-conditioning filters and light bulbs and changing the oil in the cars and doing all that kind of stuff." Just like any of his neighbors in Glendora — except Clay won a silver medal in the decathlon at the 2004 Athens Olympics and a gold medal at Beijing four years later and, with that, the honorary title of best all-around athlete on the planet. He's just a regular guy on an extraordinary pursuit of three Olympic decathlon medals. "Nobody's done it. So I'm kind of hoping that it goes well for me," he said, typically understated. Clay, an Azusa Pacific graduate who still trains at his alma mater, has put much more than mere hope into a quest that will shift into high gear Friday at Hayward Field on the first full day of the U.S. Olympic track and field trials.

June 25, 2012
Helene Elliott

Bryan Clay Fought Internal Battle to Stay in the Game In ‘Trial by Fire’

Bryan Clay’s toughest moment in the Olympic Trials decathlon wasn’t the last lap of the 1,500 meters or the stumble in the 110-meter hurdles where he was initially disqualified. It was debating—in the wake of that shock—whether to chuck it all and “bury your head somewhere.” “I was standing on the side crying—it hurt so much,” said Clay, the Glendora resident and Olympic decathlon champion of 2008 and silver medalist in 2004. But when his young children said, “C’mon, Dad!” and his coaches reminded him of his role-model status—and opportunity to inspire—he said his competitive side prevailed in an “internal battle” over whether to quit. “It’s such a big blow to have it go bad. To have one event just take it all away,” he said, referring to the hurdles. He spoke with honesty and conflicted feelings in the media tent Saturday after taking 12th behind the 9,039-point world record of Oregon favorite Ashton Eaton.

June 25, 2012
Ken Stone

USA Today: USA's decathletes will make you forget 'Dan and Dave'

When Bruce Jenner invited Bryan Clay over for a recent family dinner, they had a chance to swap World's Greatest Athlete stories.

Jenner has been keeping up with the decathlon longer than he's been keeping up with the Kardashians. He won the Olympic gold medal in 1976 in rousing fashion and then promptly retired to become a pop culture personality. Clay won track and field's grueling 10-event competition in 2008, four years after he took home the silver, and will compete in the U.S. Olympic trials this week with the goal of trying for an unprecedented third decathlon medal. "It's kind of scary to have somebody in my house that's actually scored more points than me," Jenner says. "It's the first time that's ever happened.

June 20, 2012
By Karen Rosen, Special for USA TODAY

'The greatest athlete in the world?'

(CNN) -- When Bryan Clay was growing up, it seemed very unlikely he would one day assume the mantle of "the greatest athlete in the world."
The reigning Olympic decathlon champion spent his troubled teenage years in Hawaii "getting into fights" and it was only the intervention of his mother which set him on the path to eventual golden glory. If he earns a place in the U.S. team for London 2012, the 32-year-old will hope to become the first man to win medals in the grueling 10-event discipline at three successive Olympics, having claimed silver in Athens in 2004. Assuming he comes through the trials, which start on Friday, Clay will be one of the favorites for gold in the British capital in August.

June 20, 2012
By Paul Gittings, for CNN

2012 U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team nominated for London

BISMARCK, N.D. – Today U.S. Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic Committee, announced the athlete nominations for the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team. The roster includes 34 athletes (20 female, 14 male) who will compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, August 29 – September 9, pending approval from the USOC. There are 19 U.S. Paralympians on the roster, as well as nine of the 11 members of the Paralympic Resident Swimming Program at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., which includes seven-time Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long (Baltimore, Md.) and two-time Paralympic gold medalist Rudy Garcia-Tolson (Bloomington, Calif.). The team also includes many athletes who will make their Games debuts, including active duty sailor, Lt. Brad Snyder (St. Petersburg, Fla.).

June 18, 2012

Mallory Weggemann Headed to the 2012 Paralympics

The final day of the 2012 US Paralympic Trials wrapped up Saturday in Bismarck, North Dakota, and all that was left as the chlorine settled in the pool was the awaiting of the final announcement of the 34 men and women who would be headed to London as part of the 2012 US Paralympic Team. In other IM races, Mallory Weggemann won the S7 group in 3:00.26, which ranks her 2nd in the world this year. She’s had a very up-and-down meet, with many near-world-record swims and personal bests, and then others that were more like this – 12 seconds off of her best time.

June 18, 2012
Braden Keith

4 Best Offseason Acquisitions New England Patriots Have Made

Snagging Steve Gregory early in free agency was a sound move for the Patriots because it filled a glaring need at the safety position. Per ESPNBoston, Gregory has already earned high praise from Patriots' starting safety Patrick Chung: He's smart. He's a smart dude. He can make plays, he can see things. He's a veteran out there. I'm learning things from him too.

June 18, 2012
James DiMaio


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