TFA has developed relationships with the top training facilities, coaches and nutritionists around the country to help our clients exceed expectations of NFL Scouts.

TFA has a high track record of placing all clients in All-Star Games following the conclusion of their college careers, and has consistently produced top performers at college pro days. Understanding the importance of maintaining a specialized routine to maximize results, a sit-down meeting is scheduled immediately following the collegiate season to lay out a Pre-Draft Game Plan.

Our Training Programs

   •  Northeast Sports Training - Rhode Island
   •  TEST Football Academy - Florida/New Jersey
   •  Ikei Performance - Hawaii
   •  Parisi Speed School - New Jersey
   •  Fitness Quest 10 - California

  • Understanding, evaluating and elevating each client's position in the NFL Draft is a critical element of TFA’s services.

    Through speaking with NFL personnel, continuous draft analysis of team needs and current draft class as a whole, TFA provides the most updated information and comfort necessary to allow complete focus on training and preparation for the upcoming transition into professional football.

  • Through an in-depth understanding of the NFL market and how to maximize player value, TFA has handled contract negotiations for drafted and undrafted players alike.

    Constant communication allows TFA to develop strategies that best serve the individual goals of each particular client.

  • Transitioning from collegiate star to a professional athlete means additional exposure to a variety of media outlets.

    TFA’s extensive resources helps our clients understand how to best promote their own brand image through interviews, social media and appearances.

  • TFA aims to identify, analyze, and execute our clients’ brand attributes in the marketplace and develop brand building opportunities with these three fundamental objectives: generate revenue, build brand and image awareness, and protect intellectual property.

  • The average span of an NFL career is three years, and the difference between a career lasting one year or ten years could be as simple as surrounding oneself with the people that can provide the knowledge and individual attention to help ensure success both on and off the field.

    Whether it is going over game film during the season, helping find the proper financial advisor to ensure financial stability or assisting with the multitude of issues that can arise as a part of professional sports, the TFA team is dedicated to helping each client succeed at the highest level.

    Aspects of career management in which TFA assists:

    • Financial Management Referrals
    • Veteran/Off-Season Training
    • Transition/Moving Periods
    • Free Agency Planning
    • Personal Support
    • Game Reviews
    • Personal Branding
    • Philanthropy
    • Community Relations
    • Legal Services
  • At TFA we pride ourselves on being as invested in your career off the field as we are on it. We have successfully worked with retired NFL players in transitioning to broadcasting, coaching, and other endeavors.