Olympic Parents Share Their Best Advice For Their Kids


Ann and Chris Weggemann, parents of Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann

"Mallory, when you wheel out onto the pool deck in Rio I want you to hold your head high with that beautiful smile on your face. Swim fast, enjoy and wear the red, white and blue with pride! Know that I’ll be up in the stands giving the you the kiss and thumbs up!" -Ann Weggemann

"Mallory, as you begin to focus on your races I would like for you to keep the following close to you. Think about the times we went backpacking, smell the forest, remember the feeling of peace, remember the happy times, the beaver dam. You are about to do something that is physically impossible, though as you have proved time and time again, there are no limits to the human spirit and no limits to what we can achieve. Swim with your heart, swim for the love of the sport and passion from within. Believe in all that is possible. Love you sweetie." -Chris Weggemann

Mallory Weggemann is a 2012 Paralympic gold medalist swimmer and a Team Hershey ambassador


August 9, 2016