Taylor Lipsett

Date of Birth: 
January 20, 1987
Mesquite, Texas
Sled Hockey
Team Name: 
Team USA

Taylor Lipsett’s childhood was far from normal. He was active like most kids are, but there was a difference. Most kids fall off their bike and escape with bumps and bruises.When Lipsett fell off his bike, it often meant a trip to the emergency room. Born with a genetic disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI),Taylor Lipsett has gone on to defy the odds. Growing up with OI,Taylor never let that get in the way of having an active lifestyle. Growing up, he played street hockey in his wheelchair or on a skateboard with his brother and friends, unaware he was paving the way for an athletic career that would bring him glory on an international stage. In 2002, while at a local grocery store,Taylor ran into a lady whose son-in-law recently won the gold medal in Paralympic sled hockey.After exchanging information, an introductory call, and a trip to meet with him,Taylor is still writing history in the books 10 years later.

Lipsett was a natural on the sled, but apprehensive about the fast pace and full-contact nature of the sport. He worked hard to develop his stick handling skills — one of the toughest dimensions of the sport — and within 18 months was known as having some of the “Best hands” in the country.

He made his debut for the national junior team in 2003 and started playing for the men’s national team in January 2004. During the last eight years, he and his teammates have won the highest honors in the sport. After winning silver and bronze medals at the 2004 World Championships and 2006 Paralympic Games respectively, the U.S. men’s team regrouped and took the international scene by storm.They won gold at the World Championships in 2009 in the Czech Republic. At the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, the Americans dominated, winning all five games and outscoring their opponents 19-0 to take home Olympic Gold.

In April 2012, they became the first back-to-back world champions in the sport after defending their title in Norway. The team is currently preparing for the 2013 World Championships in South Korea in April, with the eyes set on Gold in 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Career Highlights:

2012: IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Championship, Gold medal
2010: Paralympic Gold Medalist
2009: IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Championship, Gold medal
2008: IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Championship, Bronze medal
2006: Paralympic Bronze Medalist
2004: IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Championship, Silver medal
2004: Named to U.S. National Sled Hockey Team

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